DIVE:  Awards

To earn a prize and have their name up on the white board, divers collect 25 points during the season.

There are four ways to earn points.

  • Demonstrating team spirit, good behavior, good sportsmanship, and leadership at practice and meets (both ‘A’ and ‘B’).
  • Putting in effort to learn and improve dives. Coaches will let the divers know when they earn these points
  • Attending practices and meets. One point will be awarded for every practice (no more than one practice per day) and two points for every meet (‘A’ or ‘B’) attended. You do not have to dive in the meets to earn points; you may attend just to support your teammates.
  • Scoring points in an ‘A’ meet. Any points the diver earns for the team at an ‘A’ meet also count toward the award (1 point for 3rd, 3 points for 2nd, 5 points for 1st).

Each diver who chooses to participate must keep track of his or her own points (on the honor system), using the Dive Point Sheet. After collecting 25 points, the diver may present the point sheet to the team rep to receive their prize from the coach. The first 20 divers to turn in their point sheets will receive the Tiger TEAM award (Team spirit, Effort, Attendance, Meet points).

Good luck, divers!