Arlington Forest Club (AFC) is a self-owned swim and tennis club, situated on over three and one half acres, conveniently located off Carlin Springs Road between George Mason Drive and Arlington Boulevard. AFC is owned by the 675 families who have purchased membership certificates. The Arlington Forest Club is open to all people regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, handicap or political affiliation.

Becoming a Member

AFC has 675 permanent memberships. There is a waitlist for these memberships. At the present time, there are over 520 individuals/families on the waitlist. To be added to the waitlist, please complete the membership application.

The Bylaws provide for priority to applications from residents of Arlington Forest Community, Barcroft, Glen Carlyn, Bon Air, and other area within the priority area boundaries. (see Priority Area Map) For those in the priority area applying now, we estimate a wait of at least 6-8 years for a summer rental membership. Due to the length of our waitlist, we are unable to predict when, or if, memberships might be available for those who are currently applying and residing in the non-priority area.

The waitlist works as follows. Once an individual/family has been added to the waitlist, they will remain on the waitlist until a summer rental membership becomes available. The wait for a summer rental membership is projected to be at least four to five years for residents of the priority area. Once an individual/family has become a summer rental member, they will remain summer rental members until a permanent membership certificate becomes available for purchase. The number of rental or permanent memberships that the Club is able to offer each year depends on the number of current members that decide to rent or sell their memberships.

In addition to the summer rental memberships and permanent memberships, the Club also offers August/September memberships to 40 individuals/families on the waitlist. If you have been offered an Aug/Sept rental membership, click here to register.

Cost of Membership

The cost of a membership certificate is $2,175 (as of the summer of 2016), which is returned (less a $50 transfer fee) when the membership is sold. In addition, when you purchase the membership certificate, you must also pay a non-refundable $200 initiation fee. Finally, the membership has voted on 10 annual certificate fee increases and assessments, the sixth of which will be due in the fall of 2016, in order to pay for the construction of the new bath house facilities. The amount of the annual payments is $310, of which $240 is added to the value of the certificate. Thus, after the fall 2016 payment has been made, each certificate will be worth $2,415.

Annual Dues

Each year you are a member you will also be expected to pay annual dues, the amount of which is determined by the board of directors when the annual budget is approved. Dues are $550 in 2016. Summer rental members pay an additional $50 fee. The notices for payment of annual dues are mailed out in late March/early April. Dues must be paid by May 1. Additional fees include those for guest passes, babysitter passes, lessons, teams, and tennis keys. These, plus registration for teams and classes, should be made by using the Registration Form.