Arlington Forest Club is hiring an engaging and energetic person as our General Manager. The successful candidate must possess proven management and coaching abilities, and be able to deliver excellent customer service. Aquatics experience is a must and you will hold (or be able to acquire prior to the 2023 opening) current lifeguarding and pool operator certificates. At this time, we are only considering full-time seasonal, non-member candidates for this position. Read more about the position below, and if you feel you are a good fit, click on the ‘Apply Here’ button to submit a job application. Thank you for considering Arlington Forest Club.

The General Manager will manage, operate, and maintain the pool, grounds, facilities, and equipment as well as supervise staff at the Arlington Forest Club. The General Manager is the on-site authority on pool safety and adherence to policies and regulations, subject to oversight by the Board.

The responsibilities of the General Manager are as follows:

  1. Maintain the pool, grounds, facilities, and equipment year round:
    • Monitor the conditions of all facilities and equipment.
    • Oversee service and preventive maintenance of pool equipment, plumbing, electric, utilities, building, and all other physical facilities.
    • Make minor repairs or recommend repairs of worn or inoperable equipment to be performed by contractors, including timely recommendations for replacement, as needed.
    • Provide for the maintenance and upkeep of landscaping and grounds, including mowing, fertilizing, watering, tree pruning, gutter cleaning, etc., as well as scheduling and oversight of outside contractors, including pest control..
    • Ensure pool facilities are secure, particularly during non-operating hours.
    • Maintain vendor relationships and document/record AFC service records.
  2. Prepare for Pool Opening (pre-season):
    • Oversee pool management contractor to remove pool cover, drain, clean, and acid bathe pool prior to opening. Ensure contractor complies with all county, state, and federal regulations.
    • Ensure pool repairs are completed in a timely fashion, including replacement of tiles, coping stones, caulking, drains, skimmers, and any other repairs deemed necessary for the safe operation of the pool.
    • Oversee pool management contractor to assemble, de-winterize, clean, and put into operation all plumbing, filtration, and pool chlorination equipment.
    • Order (via pool management company) and store all chemicals for use at the pool; fill and vacuum the pool; backwash filters until the pool water is clean.
    • Oversee pool management contractor to install diving boards, lifeguard chairs, outside water coolers, and other equipment.
    • Inspect deck furniture for repairs, scrub and clean furniture, and place into position on deck. Recommend repairs or replacement as needed.
    • Oversee pool management contractor to de-winterize the bathhouse and all storage areas. Identify needed repairs and make repairs where feasible or recommend repairs that require an outside contractor.
    • Check all bathhouse plumbing, sewage, and electrical equipment, and ice machines and arrange for repairs as needed.
    • Ensure all utilities, including phone, internet, and security systems, are operational.
    • Arrange trash and recycling collection services; ensure services are provided as scheduled.
    • De-winterize and prepare the snack bar for opening.
    • Coordinate with Board Representatives responsible for Tennis Courts and Snack Bar for maintenance, repairs, and cleaning.
    • Ensure that pool management company obtains all required Arlington County inspections and permits prior to opening day, including those for the pools and snack bar.
  3. Manage Daily Pool Operations:
    • Act as an AFC ambassador and promote a friendly and helpful attitude among the pool staff and towards AFC certificate holder families while ensuring staff are treated with respect by all.
    • Work with all Team Reps and the Board to create and maintain the daily pool operating schedule, including pool opening and closing times and all special events, including practices, swim/dive meets, social events and other activities.
    • Supervise creation of a work schedule for all lifeguards and assistant managers, and ensure all shifts are filled. If the schedule is created by an assistant pool manager, GM will have final approval.
    • Conduct required staff training sessions prior to the opening of the pool and throughout the season as necessary.
    • Supervise the activities of all pool staff and handle any staff discipline issues during the swim season, including referrals to pool management company for hiring, suspension, or dismissal.
    • Assess staff performance and document areas for improvement as they are identified.
    • Maintain the swimming pool, bathhouse, snack bar area and related facilities in clean and sanitary condition on a daily basis.
    • Ensure the pool facilities are always operated in a safe manner and that all safety regulations, practices, and pool rules are followed by the staff and AFC members.
    • Ensure all required first aid and safety equipment is maintained per applicable regulations.
    • Ensure the pool water quality is maintained properly throughout the season as specified in Arlington County ordinances.
    • Ensure compliance with AFC operating rules, applicable county and state regulations, and health inspector requirements.
  4. Winterize Pool and Facilities (post-season):
    • At the end of the season, arrange for winterizing all pool facilities, including the bathhouse, pump house, and assist with winterizing the snack bar.
    • Winterize and store all deck furniture, lane lines, lifeguard chairs, picnic tables, trash receptacles, and pool equipment. Oversee the removal and storage of diving boards.
    • Oversee winterization of all plumbing equipment in the bathhouse and snack bar, to include draining water fountains, ice machines, water lines, and all plumbing fixtures; winterizing sewage pumps; turning off water heaters.
    • Oversee the pool service contractor to prepare the pool for winter, including backwash filters, pump maintenance, drain and clean chemical feeders, drain circulation and filter equipment, add algaecide chemicals to pool, and install a pool cover as appropriate.
    • Ensure end-of-season landscaping and grounds maintenance activities are performed.
    • Perform monthly check-in of all facilities in the off-season.
  5. Other
    • Additional duties as assigned by the AFC President or Operations Committee.
    • Snack bar and tennis court facilities are currently managed by Board members, but could become responsibilities of the General Manager in the future.
  • Prior experience or significant knowledge of swimming pool operations.
  • Prior experience managing staff, including minors, aged 15-18.
  • Associates degree, 4-year college degree, or equivalent work experience required.
  • Active Lifeguard certification, CPR, and first aid certification (or prior Lifeguard certification, CPR, and first aid certification with the ability to obtain current certification before May 2023).
  • Current pool operator certification (CPO or AFO), or verifiable relevant experience plus the ability and commitment to obtain such certification before May 2023.
  • Current “Limited Food Manager” certification for Arlington, Virginia is desirable but not required.
  • Available to work full-time from mid-May (prior to pool opening) through mid- September (after pool closing).
  • Must take and pass all appropriate background checks.

Arlington Forest Club (AFC) is a member-owned, non-profit neighborhood pool and recreational facility located on Carlin Springs Road adjacent to the Arlington Forest and Bluemont neighborhoods in the Ballston area of Arlington, VA. The facility includes a main pool, baby pool, tennis courts, bathhouse, snack bar, pavilions, picnic areas, parking lots, playground area, and park-like grounds. AFC participates in swim, dive, and tennis leagues, holds recreational fitness classes, and hosts numerous social events.

AFC is owned by 675 certificate holders and is managed by an elected Board of Directors (“Board”). The General Manager reports to an Operations Committee of the Board.