Arlington Forest Club, Inc. Rules & Regulations as amended March 19, 2022.

The Board of Directors authorizes the following rules for the protection of the club, its members, and guests, and to assure the safe, sanitary operation of the club facilities. The rules comply with the Arlington County Water Recreation Facilities Ordinance and regulations. The current Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Manual is an additional part of these rules.


All Certificate holders, rental members, emeritus members, August members (all further referenced as “Members”) and their dependents, babysitters, and guests will comply with the club rules as well as with applicable local, state and federal laws and ordinances.

Members are responsible for reading the rules and ensuring that they and their dependents, babysitters, and guests are aware of all rules. Members are responsible for their own behavior as well as the behavior of their dependents, babysitters, and guests (when allowed). Failure to comply with the Arlington Forest Club (AFC) Rules shall be considered cause for the immediate suspension of club privileges for the offending member and/or other members and dependents in the same member household.

The Board of Directors delegates authority to the pool manager and lifeguards to be in complete charge and have final authority to interpret and enforce all rules.

The pool may be closed during regular operating hours for inclement weather, special events or special circumstances arranged for in advance between the management and the Board of Directors. The pool calendar will reflect dates and times of special events and activities that may close all or part of the pool during the summer.

Tennis Rules

All regular club rules apply to the tennis courts.

  1. Final Word

The AFC Board may determine when a member’s use of the tennis courts is not in the best interest of the club according to the letter and spirit of club rules, and it may curtail such usage. Arlington Forest Club tennis courts are only to be used for the sport of tennis and other approved tennis-type racquet sports (e.g., pickleball).

  1. Admittance

Only club members and their guests may use the tennis courts.  During the pool season a Guest Pass must be utilized for each guest using the tennis facilities.  Failure to pay guest fees may result in suspension of club privileges.  Prior to playing, the member should email Jan Skelton ( with their membership number, and they will be charged one guest pass.

Emeritus members may use the tennis courts during Sunday Adult Swim and Tennis, and during the season at other times upon the payment of the $5.50 fee for each Emeritus member per visit. Emeritus members may not use the tennis courts during after-hours or off-season periods.

  1. Reservations

All courts are available on a reservation basis at all times.

  1. Reservation – Sign Up

The tennis courts may be reserved in one and a half hour units per member up to one week in advance. Tennis courts are reserved using an online web-based service. The reservation system is linked through the AFC website on the Tennis page. If no reservation has been made for a tennis court, a member may check-in, as provided in Section 8 Check-in below, and use the unreserved court.

  1. Reservations – Maximum Number

A member may have no more than three reservations.

  1. Reservations – Cancellation

Reservations that cannot be used should be cancelled as soon as possible and preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

  1. Reservations – Leaving the Courts

You must give up your tennis court promptly to those who are waiting on subsequent reservations.

  1. Reservations – Check-In

During the pool season, a member who has made a reservation must check in at the guard check-in desk when coming to play, to confirm that the tennis court reservation is actually being used. If the member has not signed in by ten minutes past the hour, the reservation is lost, and the time until the next reservation is available to any other member.

  1. Reservations – Prime Time

Reservations for tennis courts during “prime time” (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and after 5 pm weekdays) may be made only by members 16 years of age or older.

  1. Tennis Courts Access

During pool hours, tennis players are to enter the tennis courts through the main club grounds gate (near the parking lot). A cypher or combination code is equipped to use these gates. Members can get the cypher code from the guard check-in desk. The Harrison Street gates are to be used only during the “off season” and non-pool hours. A key for these gates may be obtained from the Membership Manager upon receipt of a $20 deposit made via the AFC website, of which the club will refund $10 when the key is returned. Non-tennis players should not use the tennis courts for club entrance/exit purposes.

  1. Footwear

Only tennis-type shoes may be worn on the tennis courts. Hard-soled shoes are not permitted.

  1. Wheeled Items

Non-tennis related wheeled items are not permitted on the tennis courts. This includes roller blades, razor scooters, skates, skateboards, bicycles, and mini-bikes.

  1. Non-Players in the Fenced Area

As a courtesy to players occupying the tennis courts, those who have just finished playing, those who are waiting to play, and non-tennis-playing persons must remain outside the fenced area. Only those actually playing are allowed on the tennis courts.

  1. Trash Disposal

Please put used disposable water cups and other trash, such as tennis cans and lids, in the trash containers or recycling bins located on or around the tennis courts.

  1. Northern Virginia League Play

During the summer, tennis courts will be reserved at the following times for Northern Virginia Tennis League (NVTL) team play:


9 am – 1 pm

AFC Junior Teams


9 am – 1 pm

AFC Adult Teams

In the event a team match must be rescheduled due to inclement weather, members holding reservations should be contacted by team captains and advised of the rescheduling. Members having to relinquish reservations should do so willingly.

  1. Team Play

Only AFC teams may play or practice on AFC tennis courts. In addition, no group composed primarily of non-members may use more than one tennis court at a time.