Justin Clark

Justin Clark

Dive Lesson Coach

Dive lessons are available to all AFC members.

Dive Lesson Overview

Certificate holders and rental members of AFC can sign up for dive lessons. Group dive lessons are designed for those who are either new to diving, or Dive Team Members who want a little extra training. They will be offered as weekly sessions, 40 minutes per day Monday – Thursday, with a rain make-up day on Friday. Weekly Dive Lessons will begin the week of June 20th for 8 weeks through the week of August 8th. NOTE: Adults are welcome to participate in August lessons too!

Minimum Class Requirements

Participants enrolled in dive lessons must be able to swim the length of the pool and be comfortable in deep water.

Lesson Focus

The lessons focus on safe and correct diving technique for front and back dive, as well as other dives as deemed appropriate for individual skill level. Divers progress at their own pace to reach their individual goals. Divers who have mastered basic skills may progress to more advanced dives.

Dive Class Fees

The cost of a weekly Dive lesson session is $50 for Registered Dive Team Members, and $60 per non-Dive Team Members. The time slots for each session are shown below. You can sign up for multiple weeks at a time. To register, first log in to your account then click “Sign up for Dive Lessons” orange button on the left. NOTE: If the Group Lesson time slots don’t work for you, Private Lessons are also available directly through Coach Justin. If you have questions or to let us know you’re interested in Private Lessons, email Dive Team Rep, Marlies Petruccelli: diveteam@afctigers.org.

Week 1Mon. June 20 – Thu. June 2312:00PM – 12:40PM
Week 2Mon. June 27 – Thu. June 3012:00PM – 12:40PM
Week 3Tue. July 5 – Fri. July 8 (NO rain make-up)12:00PM – 12:40PM
Week 4 Mon. July 11 – Thu. July 1412:00PM – 12:40PM
Week 5Mon. July 18 – Thu. July 2112:00PM – 12:40PM
Week 6Mon. July 25 – Thu. July 2810:00AM -10:40AM
Week 7Mon. Aug. 1 – Thu. Aug. 4*10:00AM -10:40AM
Week 8Mon. Aug. 8 – Thu. Aug. 11*10:00AM -10:40AM

* Adults welcome to register for these August Dive lesson sessions!