Justin Clark

Justin Clark

Ava Smialowicz

Ava Smialowicz

Charlotte Weir

Charlotte Weir

Marlies Petruccelli

Marlies Petruccelli

Jillian Green

Jillian Green

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller


2023 AFC Dive Team

***** Season finale Dive video from Tiger Madness, click here:
2023 Dive season-end slideshow

Ready for a new season of the AFC Tigers Dive Team! We participate in Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) Division 7.  Welcoming back Justin Clark as Head Coach, along with Ava Smialowicz and Charlotte Weir as Assistant Coaches.

NO dive experience necessary; NO minimum participation requirements! If you are age 6-18* AND can swim the length of the pool, AND jump off the diving board, AND swim to the ladder without assistance, you’re in! If you aren’t yet ready for that, sign up for a few Lessons then join us. [*Divers over 18 permitted if just graduated high school this year.]

Questions – contact Dive Team Rep: Marlies Petruccelli: diveteam@afctigers.org.

Check out our recap video from last year (10 minutes): 2022 Dive season-end video

PARENT Participation Needed!

Parents, we can’t do this without you! We need 5 parents to help at every Dive Meet, to be the Judges and Tableworkers. No experience necessary. NVSL provides free training! Judges get the best seat in the house. Yes, even YOU can be a judge!
Even helping at 1 Meet (either A or B) is much appreciated. ONLY 1 Clinic left, to learn everything you need to know.
(~90 min):
— Wed. June 21 @ 6:30pm – CAMELOT (3604 Balin Ct, Annandale, VA 22003)

PLEASE ATTEND a clinic, also listed in your TeamSnap app.

Click here for the handy Judge’s cheat sheet: 2023 Dive Judge Clinic Handout

Contact the Dive Team Rep with any questions: diveteam@afctigers.org.


AFC Dive Team practices started Tue.May 30. Practices are daily Monday-Friday, with options 1 hour/day. Coaches help athletes gain strength and confidence in a safe environment while having fun along the way. Divers will develop their skills in proper technique, as they progress through various dives at their own pace. NO minimum participation requirements! Just come to practice whenever you can.

Divers 10 & under should have responsible adult on deck during practices.

Regular Season Practice Schedule (Mon. 6/19 – Tue.7/18):

Starting Monday, June 19, practices are held late morning and early evening for AFC Divers to attend 1 hour/day. Evening practice is intended for Divers who are in summer camp. The regular season ends on Tuesday, July 18, followed by the NVSL Divisionals Meet for those top divers selected by the Coach.  Please see the AFC Dive Calendar for latest updates to the practice schedule.

10:00am – 11:00am [primarily new Divers and those also on Swim Team]*
11:00am – 12:00pm [primarily experienced Divers]*
4:00pm – 5:00pm [primarily Campers]*

[* This balances skill level attendance between time slots to maximize Diver board time; but do what works for your schedule.] 

NO afternoon practices on: Tuesdays, or on Mon.6/19, Thu.6/29, Wed.7/5, Thu.7/13

* Mon.7/17 afternoon practice is 3-4pm (due to Swim Meet).

Click here for a complete printable Dive calendar.

2023 AFC Team Suits

Divers can wear any swimsuit they are comfortable in for both practices and meets. But if you’d like to purchase an AFC Swim & Dive Team suit, please visit Sport Fair (703-524-9500) at: 5010 Langston Blvd., Arlington, VA 22207 and ask for the Arlington Forest Team suit (Speedo “Natural Wonder” style) to try on for proper sizing. Quantities are limited! These are entirely optional.

2023 Dive Meet Schedule

The AFC Dive Team meet schedule is listed below.  ALL Meets start at 6:00pm. Warm-ups for Home meets are at 4:00pm, for Away meets at 5:00pm.

B-Meets (developmental) – Thursdays @6pm at AFC:

Thurs. June 29: HOME (vs Dominion Hills), 4pm warm-up
Thurs. July 13: HOME (vs Parklawn), 4pm warm-up

A-Meets (NVSL competitive):

Tue. June 20: HOME (vs Orange Hunt), 4pm warm-up
Tue. June 27: @Rutherford, 5pm warm-up
WED. July 5: HOME (vs Parklawn) 4pm warm-up
Tue. July 11: @Springfield, 5pm warm-up
Tue. July 18: @Stratford, 5pm warm-up

Click here for a complete printable Dive calendar, with all location addresses.

Difference between A-Meets vs B-Meets

Divers may either participate in developmental B-Meets OR compete in NVSL A-Meets based on age-level dive qualifications and per your Coach’s discretion. It’s also possible to progress from B-Meets to A-Meets during the season.

A-Meet NVSL Required Dives (age as of June 1):
10 & under = Freshmen:* 3 dives (Front, Back, +1 Optional)
11-12 = Juniors: 4 dives (Front, Back, +2 Optional)
13-14 = Intermediates: 5 dives (Front, Back, +3 Optional)
15-18** = Seniors:  6 dives (Front, Back, Inward, +3 Optional)

[Optional Dive = Flip, Inward, Twist, or Reverse]
* Freshmen may substitute front or back “fall-ins,” and may do a basic Jump for their Optional.
** Seniors may be over 18 if just graduated high school

B-Meets are flexible and do NOT need to adhere to NVSL required dives. Coaches can even be on the diving board with the diver to assist (this is most common for those still learning the back dive).

2023 NVSL Championship Meets

Weekend NVSL meets provide additional level of competition outside the regular season. Coach will provide details to divers on qualifications and eligibility to participate.

Championship Meets – Sundays @8am in July

July 9: Wally Martin – 3-meter/synchro (Oak Marr)
July 16: Cracker Jack – large-scale B-Meet (Ravensworth, Springfield)
July 23: Divisional Championship (Stratford, Alexandria) – up to 16 top AFC divers selected by Coach across all age groups, for individual competition amongst the Division
July 30: All-Stars (Oakton) – top 2 Divers in each age group from Divisionals qualify for NVSL individual All-Stars final championship

Dive Registration

Register for Dive Team BEFORE Mon. June 5th for Early Bird pricing! Prior to Mon. June 5th, the cost for AFC certificate holders will be $170 for the first diver, $165 for additional divers.  Registrations after June 5th, add $25 per diver. Fees must be paid and waivers signed before a Diver may take a lesson or practice with the team. Practices begin afternoons the week of Memorial Day: Tue. May 30th. Lessons begin Mon. June 19th.

YES, you can do BOTH Dive Team and Lessons.

YES, you can do BOTH Swim & Dive Teams since practices/meets are beautifully orchestrated to not overlap.

All AFC Certificate Holders and Summer Rental Members are eligible to join the Dive Team and compete in NVSL-sponsored “A Meets” if qualified by the Coach.

We’re excited to also offer AFC August Renters the opportunity to join the AFC Dive team. August Rental Dive Team participants are permitted at the pool during Dive practice and Dive team events, and can compete in our developmental “B” Meets. However, August Rental Dive Team participants cannot be at the pool at times other than Dive-related activities prior to August unless they come as a Guest of another AFC Member. Further, NVSL only allows Divers with a bona fide membership (i.e., full membership privileges) at an NVSL pool to compete in “A Meets.” August Rental Dive Team participants are welcome to attend the A Meets with their families to cheer on their teammates.

FINE PRINT: The Dive Team depends on the Registration Fees to hire and pay our coach’s salaries, NVSL fees and insurance, buy equipment and supplies. If for some reason your Diver is unable to continue with the Team, refunds (minus $25 administrative fee per family) will be made according to the following schedule:
 – Prior to Fri. June 2 = 100% refund
 – June 3-9 = 50% refund. Medical exemptions will be refunded 100%.
 – June 10-16 = 0% No refunds; except Medical exemptions will be refunded 100%.
 – After June 16 = No refunds for any reason.