Kate Koch

Kate Koch


Arlington Forest offers wellness programs aimed at improving the health of its members.

Water Aerobics

AFC water aerobics classes are an 50 minutes in length. The class is led by an instructor who will lead you through a series of moves, typically involving a warm-up, cardio and/or strength-training exercises, and a cool-down. Typical exercises are a combination water walking/jogging, arm curls, leg lifts, and kickboard moves.

Summer Class Schedule

AFC is thrilled to offer two water aerobics classes this summer. Please see the following schedule:

Tuesdays 11:00 -11:50 AM *New Time – Class will start at 11 instead of 11:10Class taught by Diane Vogel will run weekly beginning June 6th and continuing until August 29th. There will be no class July 4th.
Wednesdays 05:30PM-06:20PM Class taught by Aura Skigen will run weekly beginning Jun 21st and continuing until August 30th. There will be no class July 5th.

Upcoming Classes

Below are the upcoming water aerobics over the next 4 weeks.

Please check our Calendar for a full list of scheduled water aerobic events.

Class Fees

Water Aerobics – 10-Class Pass$ 120.00Prior to Class Start
Water Aerobics – 5-Class Pass$ 50.00Prior to Class Start
Water Aerobics – Single-Class Drop-in$ 15.00Prior to Class Start

Are You an Instructor?

AFC is always looking for new water aerobics instructors. If you or someone you know would like to teach water aerobics, please email  swim@arlingtonforestclub.org.