Kate Koch

Kate Koch


Arlington Forest offers wellness programs aimed at improving the health of its members.

Water Aerobics

AFC water aerobics classes are an hour in length. The class is lead by an instructor who will lead you through a series of moves, typically involving a warm-up, cardio and/or strength-training exercises, and a cool-down. Typical exercises are a combination water walking/jogging, arm curls, leg lifts, and kickboard moves.

Notices:  Water Aerobics Classes

AFC hopes to offer some water aerobics classes this summer, however opportunities are limited due to the lack of available instructors. If you or someone you know would like to teach water aerobics, please email Kate at katefaenza@gmail.com.

2022 Class Fees

Water Aerobics – 10-Class Pass$ 55.00Prior to Class Start
Water Aerobics – 5-Class Pass$ 35.00Prior to Class Start
Water Aerobics – Single-Class Drop-in$ 10.00Prior to Class Start