Available Memberships
AFC has 675 permanent memberships are currently issued to the community. From time to time, memberships do come available.

Applying for Membership and Waitlist
At the present time, there are over 500 individuals/families on the waitlist for membership. To be added to the waitlist, please complete the membership application.

Priority Area
Club bylaws provide for priority to applications from residents of Arlington Forest Community, Barcroft, Glen Carlyn, Bon Air, and other area within the priority area boundaries. See the priority map below for more detail on the boundaries.

Waitlist Duration

Once an individual or family has applied for membership, the estimated* waitlist time to be able to obtain a permanent membership is as follows:

YesSummer Rental6-8Full Member8-10
NoSummer Rental10-12Full Member12-14

* – Waitlist durations are estimates and represent no guarantee of actual wait times.


Once an individual/family has been added to the waitlist, they will remain on the waitlist until a summer rental becomes available.

Summer Rental
Once an individual/family has become a full summer rental, they will remain summer rentals until a permanent membership certificate becomes available for purchase.

The number of rentals or permanent memberships that the Club is able to offer each year depends on the number of current members that decide to rent or sell their memberships.

The purpose of a summer rentals is to provide potential members with an opportunity to experience the club prior to making the financial commitment to become an owner. Individuals/ families who have been offered a summer rental and who are interested in pursuing membership should start to budget/plan for the purchase of the membership certificate. Once a membership becomes available, the individual/family on the summer rental will be required to purchase such certificate in order to continue membership at AFC; AFC does not have permanent summer rentals.

In addition to the summer rentals  and permanent memberships, the Club also offers August/September rentals to a small number of individuals/families on the waitlist. August/September rentals are usually offered a year or two before a full summer rental becomes available.


New Membership Certificate Fees

The fee schedule for a new membership certificate is as follows.



The fee schedule for annual dues based on member class for the season is as follows.

2024Full Member$800May 1st
2024Summer Rental$875May 1st
2024Aug/Sept Rental$335May 1st
2024Emeritus Membership$220 dual / $110 single


A individual interested in a membership can apply at any time. Some informational disclosures are below.

Member Endorsement
An application should be endorsed by a current AFC member.  If you do not currently know an AFC member, you can provide us this information after your application submission.

Application Fee
There is a a non-refundable application fee of $50.

No Guarantee
This application is subject to review of the Board of Directors and the right to refuse application is reserved.

Application acceptance is subject to the waitlist durations as outlined above.

Club Rules
If accepted for membership, the undersigned hereby agrees that if accepted she/he/they and his/her/their dependents will abide by all the rules and by-laws of the club.

Arlington Forest Club (AFC) is a self-owned swim and tennis club that depends on members to volunteer their services.


At any time a member may sell their membership back to the club.

​Upon receipt of a completed Request to Sell Membership form, AFC will issue a check made payable to the certificate holder(s) for the residual value of the membership certificate less any appropriate fees due. Residual value is equal to the cash value of the certificate at the time of member certificate sale. Fees due are equal to a $50 certificate transfer fee plus any other amounts owed to the club by the member at the time of certificate sale.

Emeritus Memberships

Emeritus Memberships (EMs) are available to a single member or a member couple who have been members for at least 10 years and where the member(s) are over 60 years of age.  Those wishing to convert must tender their certificate to AFC for sale to the family at the top of the waitlist. AFC will pay face value for the certificate. The $50 transfer fee will be waived in the event of a conversion.

Once a certificate is converted to an EM, the member/member couple will have the right to an EM for all subsequent years.  The member/member couple may decide on a year-by-year basis whether to pay EM dues and use their EM membership, or whether to pass on using the EM membership for that summer.  EMs may not list dependents on their membership.

Upon payment of the annual sum, EMs will be permitted free entry to AFC for all Adult Swims and all fee-based events such as water aerobics, crab feast, etc. The EM must pay the same fee as certificate holders and renters for the fee based event.

Also, upon payment of the annual sum, EMs will be permitted pay-per-use entry to AFC at the current guest pass rate per visit per EM.  The cost of the per-visit entry will rise at a rate no higher than the percentage increase for guest visits.  When the pool is staffed, EMs must sign in with the lifeguards upon entry to the club (if an EM wishes to play tennis, the EM must sign in with the lifeguard prior to entering the tennis court.  The EM must purchase Emeritus passes via the website and have passes available on their account prior to signing in for their visit.

If the EM wishes to remain at the club after Adult Swim or a fee-based event (e.g., water aerobics) the email must re-check in with the lifeguards at the conclusion of the event (e.g., at 1 pm in the case of adult swim).

The EM use rights may be expanded in future years; however they will not be curtailed.

EMs will be permitted to retain all accumulated guest visits and will be permitted to purchase additional guest visits at the same cost as certificate holders and renters. EMs will not be provided with free guest passes.

EMs will be permitted to attend membership meetings, provide feedback to the Board, and participate in all surveys of the membership; however EMs will not have the right to vote on membership matters.

If the EM is no longer interested in retaining EM status, they may make a request to the membership manager at any time to relinquish their EM to afford additional members to participate in the program.  Once status is relinquished, you cannot request it again in subsequent years.

If you are interested in an EM membership, please confirm that you and your spouse, if applicable, are over 60 and please advise of the (approximate) year in which you became a member.