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Arlington Forest Club (AFC) is a self-owned swim and tennis club on Carlin Springs Rd. between George Mason Dr. and Arlington Blvd.


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Summer 2017 Dues Announced:

  • $550 for certificate holders
  • $600 for full summer renters.

We are unable to accept payments at the moment. We are transitioning to new payment processors and also to a new registration system. Due to this transition, we are temporarily unable to accept payments (including for overdue amounts, certificate purchases, and waitlist fees). We plan to have both the registration and payment systems up and running mid-April 2017.

Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned here for updates.

Rules updated for 2017


Pool Status, Closings and Reminders:


No glass at the pool, tennis courts, pavilion and parking lot. Let's keep it classy, not glassy!